A fast, free Linux Operating System.

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PulpOS is 100% free and open source to use, modify, and give to your friends


No spyware, only free software and access to all the tools and security updates you need


Stay up to date with PulpOS's hardened stability and cutting edge software sources

Get Involved

Anyone can help contribute to PulpOS, whether you're a programmer, tinkerer, or just a regular Joe. The easiest way you can help the project is simply by spreading the word! Share this website with friends, follow us on Google Plus, show off your PulpOS desktop in forums, or even write an article about PulpOS.
Included Programs
Internet: firefox, deluge, hexchat, filezilla, thunderbird, seahorse, remmina, youtube-dl-gui
Media: vlc, guvcview, winff, pavucontrol, pitivi, audacity, xfburn
Graphic: gimp, gtk-recordmydesktop, scrot, viewnior, simple-scan
Office: gedit, libreoffice, evince, gnome-calendar
Utility: gnome-terminal, gnome-calculator, gnome-system-monitor, file-roller, nautilus, catfish, usb-creator-gtk
Appearance: gtk-theme-switch, gtk3-themer, icon-themer, obconf, nitrogen, obmenu
System: lxinput, obkey, gnome-language-selector, arandr, system-config-printer
Admin: synaptic, gparted, gdebi, gnome-software

Default Shortcuts
Alt+F2: Run Program
Alt+Tab: Cycle through windows
Ctrl+Alt+T: Open a Terminal
Ctrl+Alt+Left or Right: Move to previous or next desktop
Shift+Alt+Left or Right: Move to previous or next desktop and move the current program with it
Win+D: Minimize/Unminimize all windows
Alt+Left Click: Drags windows around
Alt+Right Click: Resize the nearest window's corner
Print Screen: Take a screenshot
PulpOS is a lightning fast, lightweight GNU/Linux distribution based on Ubuntu, featuring the Openbox Window Manager. Our mission is to bring you the best Openbox distro on the Internet.
We created PulpOS with customization and minimal design in mind to keep clutter out of your way so you can be as productive and engaged as possible. With PulpOS, you can easily keep your desktop looking as beautiful as it is fast, and since it uses the openbox window manager, you can catch up with your computer's speed and work as fast as it can, whether you prefer more keyboard shortcuts, more clicking, or both. PulpOS comes with a concise menu to remove all the clutter, and a graphical method to easily edit the menu, change GTK2 themes, GTK3 themes, icon themes, and much more.

We made sure to pack PulpOS with a wide variety of software to suit the many needs we all have. We aim to provide superior software choices - in PulpOS, you can be sure that only the best software around is included.

Quick-Start Guide
PulpOS by default has a 1px border on all four sides of the desktop configured in Openbox. This border allows you to interact with the desktop while running a full-screen program by simply dragging your cursor to the edge of the screen. You can also middle-click the desktop to view all the workspaces.